Marti MacEwan, MA, can help you overcome
stage fright or the fear of public speaking
in business, the performing arts, the professions, academics or the media.

Book and Videos

‘Your Stage Fright Coach’, Marti MacEwan, MA, has developed an original method to calm performance fears and maximize comfort and confidence, in any setting. Whether your ‘stage fright’ is mild or severe Marti can help. Marti is the author of the book The Stage Fright Cure and

Coaching and Classes

Marti offers private coaching in person or online, public and on-site trainings, conference presentations and breakouts. If you, your staff, colleagues or meeting attendees want to benefit from optimal performance in speaking, sales, music, leadership . . any kind of performance,

Speaker for Your Group

Marti is an excellent speaker. Every presentation is energetic, informative, entertaining, and concretely demonstrates the benefits of her unique approach. She brings her warmth, wisdom, knowledge and humor to each event. See her in action and view booking information.


Marti MacEwan, here.

I know . . . 

  • what stage fright is,
  • why you have it and, most importantly,
  • what to do about it.

As a result of many years of professional experience and observation, I have developed an original theory and unique method for overcoming, being free of, stage fright or the fear of public speaking. I guarantee you will not find it anywhere else.

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