Overcoming Stage Fright

overcoming stagefright Stage fright affects both children and adults. Overcoming stagefright is easy if you know where to go. Stagefright.com offers excellent resources on how to get over your problem and fear. Just visit our website to learn more about getting personal coaching or joining workshops and seminars.  

Stage fright is one of the most common fears that most of us go through. Even the most seasoned professional actors and public speakers have had their share of stage freight. The fear can be debilitating as it makes you extremely anxious and unable to speak or move, causing further embarrassment to yourself. The good news is that there are ways to overcome the fear. Overcoming stagefright is one of the courses that you can learn from performance coaches and therapists, and with a bit of encouragement, you can reduce your anxiety and be able to perform more naturally on stage. Here are three things to keep in mind when you want to overcome your stage fright:

  1. Remember: it's not all about you. Your presentation is an experience that you make for your audience.
  2. Stop thinking about pleasing people. Most of us are too concerned about what our audience will like and what they might say about us. Be confident in your abilities, be comfortable with yourself, and stop worrying about the outcome of your performance. 
  3. It is okay to make mistakes. In fact, you should make mistakes. Being uptight and demanding perfection will only make you more anxious.

If you want more guidance and helpful tips in overcoming stagefright, do not hesitate to approach an expert like Marti MacEwan. She is a licensed performance coach and therapist who can help you overcome your stage fright and performance anxiety. Check out her work here at StageFright.Com to discover the Stage Fright Cure. You can also learn about her workshops and seminars and their schedules here at StageFright.Com.

Overcoming Stage Fright
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