Private Coaching with Marti MacEwan, Your Stage Fright Coach

MartiStandingFrostEdgesPrivate Coaching: I Promise. I Can Help.

If you have an upcoming speaking or performance situation, and have any nerves or fear around it, private coaching with Marti is the way to go.

Stage Fright Coach, Marti MacEwan, has developed an original method that will calm your performance fears and maximize your focused confidence, whether your stage fright is mild or severe, whether you are famous and accomplished or just starting out, and in whatever arena.

Marti will help you in one-to-one, confidential private coaching sessions either in-person or online over secure internet connection.

Marti will show you proprietary techniques that Marti has co-developed and you will learn for yourself. They are yours to take with you to use anytime, anywhere.

Marti MacEwan, MA, LMHC, is highly experienced Licensed Therapist and ‘Stage Fright Coach’ who treats anxiety and phobias – with a specialty in stage fright, performance anxiety and the fear of public speaking.

Marti is author of The Stage Fright Cure: How to Present Your Best Self with Comfort and Confidence – On and Off the StageIf you, or someone you know, is struggling with performance fears of any kind, Marti can help.

In private coaching sessions, Marti knows how to zero in on the exact cause of your stage fright and apply the cure. She will bring her over 30 years of professional expertise as a therapist and coach to your individual circumstances and needs.

In these private coaching sessions, you will have Marti’s personal investment and follow-up to make sure you achieve the goals of confidence and comfort in whatever performance situation you find yourself, no matter how small or large the venue..

Private coaching sessions can be held in person in Marti’s office in Seattle, Washington, USA, or from anywhere in the world via secure internet video.

To contact Marti about one-on-one coaching sessions call 206-362-8167, email or use the scheduling links in the sidebar to the right.

I hope to hear from you soon – I promise, I can help.