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Marti is an excellent speaker. Every presentation is energetic, informative, entertaining, and concretely useful, demonstrating the immediate effects of her unique approach. She brings her warmth, wisdom, knowledge and humor to each event. To see her in action and view booking information,

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What is stage fright? It’s the nerves, mild or severe, that come up at the prospect of doing anything in front of others – whether one person or thousands. Those nerves can seriously affect the quality of how we present ourselves, our talents, our message or information. And it can have costly results, both personally and professionally.

But there’s a cure.

Marti MacEwan is a long time professional counselor, coach and speaker. Marti used to have stage fright – but she doesn’t anymore!  And she is dedicated to showing others how they can say the same thing.

Marti will speak to your association, organization, management team, sales team, sports team, staff, cast members, musicians, or any other group about getting over stage fright, performance anxiety or the fear of public speaking, so they can perform their best and reap the rewards.

And . . .

Marti’s message isn’t limited to stage fright. She has a more universal and profound message to deliver.

She goes beyond the experience of performance anxiety, using it as a jumping off point and a metaphor for life.

Let’s face it. We are all human. We all have knee-jerk emotional responses that can cause problems for us in our inner lives, relationships and outer world. (Well, okay, not you, but everyone else.)

In a delightfully human way, Marti shows us how we can get over those not-so-helpful emotional reactions that can limit us in any situation: career, business and personal relationships, love life, artistic endeavors or play.

To every presentation, Marti brings her

  • positive, humorous, human and inspiring style,
  • extensive professional and personal wisdom and experience,
  • knowledge and research into the true cause and true cure for stage fright
  • thought-provoking universal messages that apply to each and every audience and each and every aspect of our lives.

In Marti’s words,

     “When you shift your inner world for the better,
it will bring an abundance of benefit to you,
your life circumstances and everyone around you.”

Marti will show you, and your audience, how.

To contact Marti for speaking engagements for audiences large and small, Call 206-362-8167 or Email: marti@stagefright.com

Meeting planners: download a copy of Marti’s Speaker Sheet. Click Here.